Djembe Mania is an fun casual game made by Blob Bakery during the Readyplayer 42 Game Jam that won the participant vote price.

During this tropical journey you'll have to keep an eye of all the fruits and be sure they don't move out of range, if only one does, it's over ! To do so, you'll have to rotate around with your Djembe !

Keep the drumming ON as long as possible and try to get as much fruits as possible like coconut or banana for your fruit salad !! Good Luck !


Touch the sides of the screen to rotate the Djembe over the circle OR you can use right / left arrows or A / D key on your keyboard.

Enter and Escape key to play or go back to main menu.

If you liked the game and wish to support us, donation are welcome and will encourage us to keep updatemaking game that we hope you will enjoy ! 


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Fun music and gameplay. Nice work!

Thanks !

Do you guys have fun with our Djembe ?